6 Misconceptions About Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys sometimes have reputations as salespeople and ambulance chasers, but in reality they are advocates for people who have been injured or wronged. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Dealing with the personal and financial complications of an injury or accident can be overwhelming – that’s why it is usually a good decision to hire a personal injury attorney 

There are plenty of myths and misinformation surrounding accidents and personal injury lawyers. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions with the truth behind the myths:

  1. Insurance will cover my expenses. This is more than a myth – it is blatantly untrue. Insurance companies make money by convincing you to settle for the lowest possible amount – often lower than you need. A study done by the Insurance Research council showed that claimants get 350% more money when they hire a lawyer. Insurance companies have their best interests in mind – not yours.
  1. Quick settlements mean more money. This is also untrue. Once you settle, you have no further claims on the responsible party. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to personal injury cases. An experienced lawyer will explore all available options before making any final decision.
  1. The legal system is there to protect the people. While there are many protections within the law for citizens, it is a fact that insurance companies and large corporations can hire the best lawyers to protect their interests. They have the money and time to prolong the battle. To fight for your rights, you need to hire an experienced personal injury attorney.
  1. Bigger law firms have better lawyers. Once you have made the decision to hire an attorney, it’s good to know that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Bigger law firms handle bigger caseloads and may charge more per hour, but it doesn’t man they will give your case the attention it deserves. You want an attorney who gives attention to your case – whether that attorney comes from a big or small firm.
  1. Personal injury lawyers are expensive. Most attorneys offer a free consultation and take your case with no upfront fees. They get paid when you get paid. You have to give up a percentage of your settlement when you win the case, but without a personal injury attorney your chances of winning any money would have been much lower.
  1. The medical bills will be unaffordable while waiting for the attorney to work on the case. An experienced personal injury lawyer should be able to negotiate a lien agreement with your health care provider. This lien will pay your medical bills out of your settlement money.

Hiring a personal injury attorney is a big decision. However, not hiring once can often be a bad decision. A personal injury lawyer will protect your interests in an accident or injury and hold the responsible party liable for any fair compensation. If you’ve been hurt or in an accident and have questions or are seeking representation, contact the Krupa Law Group at 760.231.8383.